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There are many things I love about photography, but one of things I love the most is getting to work with people, both new and returning clients. I absolutely love to make people laugh and genuinely smile for photos, and you will see me joking and laughing with my clients throughout my photo shoot sessions. I’m thinking about taking some improv classes to up my chances of genuine laughter, but I’ve got an arsenal of tricks already for now. This aspect, combined with the beauty of light and color, makes me love photography. And then there are the sweet moments! Ah! There is nothing more beautiful than a shared secret smile or loving glance, and I get to be the one to capture it!


I ask myself what my purpose is with photography, and what I am trying to achieve. I have been a photographer for many years, learning the tricks of the trade, and have learned and grown much. It comes down to documenting a moment in your life that is precious to you: whether it is a photo of where family is at this point in time, yourself as a young adult set out to enter the world after high school, or on the happiest day of your life at your wedding. I present these moments in a beautiful and creative way that you will have forever to look back on. And I LOVE being able to bless you like that!


A little about me: I am a follower of Christ, first and foremost. Because of this, I have a deeper capacity to love and to accept people into my life. I can’t wait to work with anybody and everybody, to be any kind of light to their life and to bless them with beautiful photographs. My parents are also Christian believers, and as a result I am a middle child in a family of eleven children (all from the same two people!), making me surrounded by amazing, talented and wonderful people. From this large family I have about a billion nieces and nephews (not literally. At this point there are about 21) who have been a huge influence on my photography: I have not only bribed many of them into photo shoots with me over the years to practice on, but I have had years and years of babysitting and spending time with little kids so I know how to easily interact with them. Also, I just got married in June 2016 to the most amazing man who makes me feel so loved! He is the peanut butter to my jelly! It's wonderful that I have a wedding of my own to reference when I talk to brides, so I know what they are going through and what they need.


So: welcome to my world of photography, to new and old friendships, and to beautiful moments.


(Photo cred: Rebecca Gillock Photography)